Meet Eliza

eliza-german-artist-jewelerSelf-taught artist, from Harrisonburg, VA, these are some of my original paintings.  I have sold some paintings and jewelry street-side in various places I’ve lived such as NYC, Ocracoke Island, NC, Virginia Beach, VA, and my hometown Harrisonburg, VA.   In May of 2013,   I had my  first gallery style show, in downtown Harrisonburg, @, which was a huge success.  This was the start to the beginning of a exciting new career for me.  Having a zest for life, nature, wildlife, sunsets, colors & textures, would be my biggest inspiration.  I believe that with hard work, challenging yourself further, as well as simply, & purely enjoying life, you can accomplish many things.   I also strive to remind myself and others , it’s the little things you enjoy along the way that end up being most important.

Nothing brings me more joy than to make a special un-spoken connection with a stranger/or friend through a work of art.   Something that really grabs you by your heart or soul, and you can’t exactly explain why you’re drawn to it.   I feel gifted in this way and this is my contribution to this world.


Eliza – “eliyzuh”